About Us

New Plan Learning (“NPL”) is a non-profit corporation that is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. NPL’s sole mission is to support charter schools. At this time, all of the schools NPL supports are managed by Concept Schools and are located in urban areas of the Midwest. For the schools that NPL supports, NPL endeavors to provide financial support and services. Among the services that NPL provides to the schools it serves is facility planning, acquisition, renovation, and financing.

NPL does not charge any of the schools any service fees for these services. Instead, NPL capitalizes these costs and leases the renovated facility to the school with rent at the level necessary to pay debt service on the capitalized costs, plus any margin required by the lender that NPL is using to finance the facility. This service is of great value to a start-up charter school, which typically does not have either the expertise to select and direct the renovation of a school building or the ability to obtain financing on reasonable terms.

Thus, a charter school is able to focus on providing the best education while receiving back office support from its management organization, such as Concept Schools, and facility services from NPL. Therefore, each entity is able to utilize its full potential and resources in the field in which they specialize. This teamwork also allows each entity to reinvest most of the funds by returning them to the community in the form of new school buildings, new school programs and facility renovations instead of utilizing third party service providers.

NPL provides market research, acquisition, renovation, and lease of school buildings to community schools. NPL not only finds locations for a school, based on student population, safety and accessibility, but also provides very unique layout designs and renovation capabilities. NPL currently owns, directly or through subsidiaries, 13 facilities that are leased to charter schools, each of which currently is managed by Concept Schools.

NPL’s relationship with each school it supports goes beyond merely providing financial support and facilities. Each supported school is entitled to an equal vote in the election of the directors of NPL. Only supported schools are allowed to nominate and vote in NPL’s director elections.